For The Whole Wedding Party

Our bridal bootcamp can be a fun experience creating a light hearted class designed to make you laugh and sweat or it can become  a tough class designed to work you as hard as you can, loosing you as much weight as possible

Key Information

1)   Can be done at your home/gym/park

2)   Can book 1 or multiple sessions a week, leading up to the wedding

3)   Options to upgrade to include a Nutrition Meal Plan

4)   Minimum of 4 people per class

5)   A more relaxed and comfortable approach to your pre wedding fitness for the whole wedding party

Booty and Waist Bridal – $15 per person

1 hour intense workout
Interval training, cardiovascular and strength training
Focused on slimming up and toning the waist and booty.

Friendly fun fitness - $15 per person

1 hour fun workout
Toning, stretching and a light to moderate intensity of work
A really social and comfortable approach to your training